Visa Prepaid Card

Your Secure Way to Pay Online.

Multiple Methods to Top-up Your Visa Prepaid Card.. Instantly From Your DIXIPAY Payment Account, PayPal Account or LiqPay Account

DIXIPAY Visa Prepaid Card

DIXIPAY Visa Card Benefits

  • Purchase in Stores and Online.
  • Worldwide ATM Withdrawals.
  • Card to Card Money Sharing With Friends and Family Members.
  • Travel Money for Holidays and Business Travel.
  • A Great Alternative to Cash and More Secure Than Travellers Cheques.
  • Discounts and Bonuses When Purchased From the Program Partners.
  • Easy Top Up and Control Your Expenses and Monthly Budget.
  • No Credit Check and Bank Account Required.


 Item  Price (USD) Unit  Details
 Card Issuing Fee* $15.00 Per card  One time – when card is ordered.
 Card Activation FREE Per card  When card is first loaded.
 Online Statement FREE Per card  When you login to your online card account
 Purchases Transaction FREE Per time  POS retail or online shopping.
 Issuing PIN Code FREE Per time  When card is activated
 Change PIN FREE Per time  When PIN is changed online
 Lock Card FREE Per time  When card is suspended temporarily
 Unlock Card $1.25 Per card  When unlock card PIN is requested.
 New Load / Reload 2% Per time  When load or reload card is requested.
 Monthly Maintenance $3.00 Per card  From available card balance each month
 ATM Cash Withdrawal** $2.50 Per time  When withdrawal is requested.
 ATM/POS Decline $1.25 Per time  When purchase/withdrawal request is rejected
 ATM Inquiry $1.25 Per time  When inquiry balance is requested.
 Card2Card Transfer $1.00 Per time  When request transfer to other card.
 Printed Statement*** $20.00 Per time  When request a printed copy of statement.
 Chargeback Fee $35.00 Per time  When chargeback is requested.
 Replacement Lost / Stolen $25.00 Per card  One time – when issuing replacement card.
 Shipping Fees**** $10.00  Per shipment  By Regular Post
$35 – $70 Per shipment  By DHL / Fedex / Aramex Courier Service
* Card fees are exclusive of shipping fees.
**Some ATM providers may charge an additional fee and should advise you before you confirm the transaction.
***Printed statement is exclusive of shipping fees.
****Shipping fees (DHL/Fedex/Aramex) depend on client’s location worldwide.


Card Parameter
Initial Load Min $50
Initial Load Max $5,000
Min Reload $20
Max Reload $5,000
Max load per day $5,000
Min Card Balance $10
Max Card Balance $15,000
Max POS Daily Spend (Purchase) No Max.
Max # of load per day/week/month 2/5/2010
Max ATM Daily Withdrawal $3,000
Expiry DIXIPAY Visa Prepaid Card is valid for 60 months.
(Must be used 3 months prior to expiry for automatic re-issue)
Companion Card (Group 1 & Group 2) Card fees for both groups are the same as the Primary Card fees
Usage Restrictions Primary cardholders must be 18 years or over.
Companion Cardholders 13 years or over.
You may not use your card at Pay at Pump petrol stations.

    DIXIPAY Visa Prepaid Card Terms and Conditions