About Us

DIXIPAY - About-Us

The worldwide financial service provider

DIXIPAY is an Innovative Electronic Payment Service Provider offering financial services globally through the internet, depending on the latest IT technology in this field.

Our services include credit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallet payments, online money remittance, and e-commerce service.

Our payment system allows individuals to open accounts free of charge, in order to send and receive money from their friends and families via internet, pay bills or purchase online from any merchant or internet shop worldwide at any time.

As for our corporate customers and internet based business, we offer turnkey solutions to accept payment and credit card online through flexible merchant accounts, which in turn provide the maximum comfort and safety for the buyers, and of course, the highest rate of sales for merchants.

DIXIPAY’s web fingerprints and device identifier is a unique fraud prevention solution for both individual customers and merchants.

All our services are provided in privacy and confidentiality and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Why Choose Us?

  • All in one stop shop payment system.
  • The most effective risk management system for your business.
  • The most comperhensive reporting system.
  • Secure payments worldwide with multiple payment methods.