Tokenization Payment Processing

Credit Card Data Encryption with Tokenization Payment

Process Recurring Payments Securely in a Snap Without Saving Your Customer Credit Cards

DIXIPAY Tokenization

Tokenization Payments Benefits

  • Secure and convenient for customers to make card payments without having to enter their card data each transaction.
  • Token is not mathematically reversible.
  • Payment reconciliation and chargebacks can take place without handling card data.
  • Reduces PCI DSS Scope for merchant.

How it Works?

  • The merchant accepts credit card transaction for online pruchase.
  • The merchant generates a token in based on that card number.
  • The card data is saved and encrypted by DIXIPAY using a unique Token.
  • For subsequent transactions, such as recurring billing or repeat purchases, the merchant submits the stored token to process transaction without submitting or storing credit card data.